How Millennials Are Changing Commercial Real Estate: Office Vacancies (Pt. 2)

The millennial attitude toward work is very different than it was for Generation X or the Baby Boomers. While being extremely savvy with technology (we are the “Facebook” generation after all), millennials work to live, not live to work. Slaving away to prove our worth and escalate up the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company for 40-50 years until we finally retire is not the goal of our generation (no offense, parents and grandparents! ). Instead we are a generation of efficiency, technology, creativity, and experiences. While we understand the necessity of working to make money and provide a sense of accomplishment, we value our personal lives substantially more than the generati...

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How Millennials Are Changing Commercial Real Estate: Crowdfunding (Pt. 1)

Many members of the so-called “millennial” generation (1982-2004) entered into the job market during one of the most difficult times in US history—the Great Recession. Loaded with student debt, no savings, big dreams, and the skills learned during internships, we had to come out of school and try to make a living when most companies were not only not hiring, but letting go some of their most seasoned employees. This difficult economic environment paired with the technological savviness of our generation has combined to make a meaningful and unique contribution to the growth of commercial real estate, which has been long overdue. One of the most interesting ways this creativity has expr...

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