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The term self storage is short for self-service storage, and is also known as mini storage or mini warehouse (archaic). Self storage facilities lease space to individuals, usually storing household goods, or to small businesses, usually storing excess inventory or archived records. The rented spaces, known as "units", are secured by the tenant's own lock and key. Facility operators do not have casual access to the contents of the space unlike a professional warehouseman. A self storage operator never takes possession, care, custody or control of the contents of the storage rental space unless a lien is imposed as provided in self storage laws for non-payment of rent. Self storage facility operators usually provide computer-controlled access to rental space areas.

Self Storage Loans

Loan Type Min Loan Amount Max LTV Term Length Amortization Rates Learn More
Conventional $1,000,000 75% 3-15 Years 15-30 Years
Conduit / CMBS $2,000,000 75% 5-10 Years 20-30 Years
USDA $1,000,000 85% 5-15 Years 15-30 Years
Bridge $3,000,000 90% 12-36 Months Interest-Only
Construction $3,000,000 80% 12-36 Months Interest-Only
SBA $1,000,000 85-90% 10-20 Years 15-30 Years

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