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Welcome to our commercial mortgage calculator. Here you can calculate your monthly payment, total payment amount, and view your amortization schedule. If you have any trouble understanding any of the fields, hover over the field for a description of the value requested. Advanced fields for payment frequency, compound frequency, and payment type are also provided but are optional. To change these values click on the advanced fields checkbox below. These values default to standard values. Information on Commercial Loan Payments

$ .00

Payment Summary

Principal + Interest Payment$5,995.51
Number of Payments360
Periodic Interest Rate0.500%
Total Payments$2,158,379.01
Total Interest$1,158,379.01

Commercial Mortgage Payments Graphic Representation

Commercial Loan Amortization Schedule

#Scheduled PaymentInterestPrincipalBalance

How to Calculate Monthly Payments for Commercial Loans

Use the formula in the image below to calculate the monthly payment for a commercial loan. If using excel, you can calculate the monthly payment with the following formula: PMT(r, n, P).

Commercial Loan Monthly Payment Formula

A = Monthly payment amount

P = Loan Principal

r = Periodic interest rate

n = Number of loan payments

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