What is the Definition of Fannie Mae?

Fannie Mae


Definition: Federal National Mortgage Association; commonly known as “Fannie Mae’, the FNMA is the largest buyer of existing mortgages. The Federal National Mortgage Association was originally organized by the federal government in 1938 to purchase FHA-insured mortgages. The association was reorganized in 1968 as a quasi-private corporation whose entire ownership is private. Fannie Mae raises capital by issuing corporate stock which is actively traded on the New York Stock Exchange and by selling mortgages out of its portfolio to various investors.

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Fannie Mae Choice Refinance Program Apartment Loans

This program provides flexible financing, lower costs, and a fast execution. Eligible properties must be stabilized and must have satisfactory ratings on the most recent property inspection.

Fannie Mae Structured Adjustable Rate Apartment Loans

Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Mortgage Business offers long term financing with a very competitive variable interest rate that is convertible to a fixed rate.

Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Loans - FNMA Low Income Multifamily Mortgages

Fannie Mae provides financing for student housing properties, which is defined as a conventional multifamily property where 20% or more of the units are leased to undergraduate and/or graduate students, or a property that is specifically built or leased for student housing.

Fannie Mae Apartment Loans

For those of you who are getting familiar with Fannie Mae Loans, this program offers federally guaranteed mortgages and is one of the largest multi-family loan programs in the country. There are both fixed and variable products available for all property types and are offered nationwide. Properties that fall under the Fannie Mae category are apartments, affordable housing, senior housing, student housing and manufactured housing. There are two major Fannie Mae loan programs in which the majority of products fall under. These loan products are called The Standard DUS Mortgage Product and the Small Loan Programs.

Apartment Loans | Multifamily Mortgages

Apartment loans and multifamily mortgages at low rates. We offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, conventional, CMBS, Insurance, and construction multifamily mortgages.

Fannie Mae Fixed Rate Apartment Loans

Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Mortgage Business offers financing options for loans with fixed-rate options for the acquisition or refinance of apartments or other multifamily properties.

Fannie Mae Supplemental Apartment Loans

This program provides flexible financing, access to additional capital, fast execution, and provides a lower cost than refinancing.

Fannie Mae Standard DUS Apartment Loans

FNMA's Multifamily Mortgage Business provides first lien permanent mortgage loan financing for the acquisition and/or refinancing for apartment and multifamily properties.

Fannie Mae M-PIRE Apartment Loans

Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Mortgage Business offers first lien and supplemental mortgage loans that support additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency renovations for existing multifamily properties within New York City’s five boroughs.

Fannie Mae Green Preservation Plus

Fannie Mae provides offers Green Preservation Plus; an execution option that provides additional loan proceeds to finance energy and water efficiency improvements for existing Multifamily Affordable Housing (MAH) properties.

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