Seniors Housing Building

Freddie Mac Seniors Housing Loans

This type of loan is for the acquisition or refinance of senior housing properties including: independent living communities, assisted living communities, skilled nursing or memory care facilities. Borrowers must have experience as an owner/operator of comparable facilities and meet ownership structure requirements. Rates can be floating or fixed, with the ability to advance rate lock.

Seniors Housing Loan Options
Loan Terms5-10 years (up to 30 years for fixed-rate loans)
Eligible Property Types Independent living properties, assisted living properties, properties with memory care, and skilled nursing
Loan Types Fixed-rate loans, standard and capped floating-rate loans, and supplemental loans
Financing Options Acquisition or refinance loans, bond credit enhancements, revolving credit facility and targeted affordable housing transactions
Replacement Reserve Escrow Generally required
Tax and Insurance Escrow Generally required
Early Rate-Lock Options (for FixedRate Loans) Available for extended periods, including our standard early rate-lock, Index Lock, and Fast Track Early Rate-Lock options
Minimum DSCR DSCR Calculator 1.30x