Lending Partners - Convert your 'Rejections' into Fee-Income

  • (“CLD”) has a Capital Markets affiliated network with over 200 programs from Institutional Investors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Banks, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Private Lenders, and CMBS Shops at your disposal so you can offer a vast array of additional lending products to your customers
  • CLD will underwrite, package and sell your deals in capital markets and will share with your institution the Premium. This has proven to be an exceptional way to generate additional fee income for our client base. Think of us like you own in-house Capital Markets Department
  • CLD will help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations by making your institution a one stop shop for financing. Furthermore, CLD and its partners will never go after any depository relationships nor will try to cross-sell your Clients
Commercial Loan Direct - commercial loans - multifamily mortgages

When should you use CLD Financial?

  • Collateral and/or terms requested by your Borrower are outside of your institution’s credit box
  • Low interest rate is required to get a deal away from the competition
  • Your Borrower’s collateral is outside your bank’s geographic area
  • Amount to finance requested is above your legal lending limit
  • Current customer called to pay-off your note
  • Financial product requested is not offered by your institution

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