What is the Definition of Commercial Loan?

Commercial Loan


Definition: A commercial loan is a loan between a business and a bank to fund capital expenditures and/or operating costs. Commercial loans come in two forms - owner-occupied mortgages and investment mortgages. If the property's sponsor(s) use over 50 percent of the building's useable square footage, the commercial loan is said to be a owner-occupied commercial loan. Otherwise the commercial loan is considered to be an investment mortgage. To be considered a commercial loan the property being funded must be zoned commercial and not residential.

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How To Get A Commercial Loan

For information on how to qualify for a commercial loan please visit our 5 steps to get a commercial loan article. For other questions in the requirements of getting a commercial loan, you may also visit our faqs page, or send us a message through our contact form

What Are the Commercial Loan Rates?

For current commercial mortgage rates you can visit our commercial loan rates page or our apartment loan rates page if the property is multifamily. 

What Are the Types of Commercial Loans?

The types of commercial loans available are listed as follows:

What Type of Loan Do I Qualify For?

To find out what type of loan you may qualify for, you may visit our loan finder tool

How do I Apply for a Commercial Loan?

To apply for a commercial loan, simply fill out our free quote request. You may also use our free commercial loan forms during the process to help expedite your loan application.

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