What is the Definition of Insurance?



Definition: Identifies the method by which the tenant is responsible for payment or reimbursement of Insurance.

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FHA Residential Care Facilities - HUD Section 232 Mortgages

HUD/FHA provides insurance on mortgages that cover housing for the elderly. Known as a Section 232 loan, these loans finance nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and board and care facilities.

FHA Risk-Sharing Program - HUD Section 542(c) Mortgages

This program helps encourage the production of affordable housing projects. The program provides insurance and reinsurance for commercial housing projects whose mortgages are originated, underwritten, serviced, and disposed of by a QPE and/or its approved lenders.

Hotel Loans - Hotel Commercial Loan Options

We provide many financing options for hotels and hospitality properties including SBA, Conventional, CMBS, Insurance, and USDA Loan programs.

Apartment Loans | Multifamily Mortgages

Apartment loans and multifamily mortgages at low rates. We offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, conventional, CMBS, Insurance, and construction multifamily mortgages.

Retail Center Commercial Loans - Mall Mortgages

We provide commercial loans for retail centers at low rates. Loan programs include CMBS, insurance, USDA, bridge, construction, SBA, and conventional loans.

Types of Commercial Loans

Learn about the different types of commercial loans and real estate lending programs offered by CLD with our loan finder. CLD provides Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, CMBS, Conventional, Insurance, USDA, SBA, Bridge, and Construction Loans.

How Risk Retention Affects Lenders, Borrowers, & Bond Investors (Pt. 2)

Since its inception, CMBS lending has been the go-to mortgage product for larger properties with sponsors that want non-recourse financing with high leverage, low interest rates, and lenient underwriting. However, since the market collapse in 2007 and the passage of the Dodd-Frank “Risk Retention”, things have changed. Although still more permissive than conventional or insurance products, CMBS underwriting standards have become more stringent, leverage points have been lowered, and interest rates can fluctuate greatly depending on treasury indexes and bond investor demands.

Office Commercial Loans - Office Building Financing

We provide office commercial loans at low rates. Office commercial loans include conventional, CMBS, insurance, USDA, bridge, construction, and SBS commercial loans.

FHA Hospital Commercial Loans - HUD Section 242 Mortgages

FHA mortgage insurance has a variety of benefits including credit enhancements and can provide attractive terms. Listed below are some of the features provided by FHA mortgage insurance for hospitals.

FHA Rental Housing Loans - HUD Section 213 Mortgages

Section 207 mortgage insurance can be used to finance the substantial rehabilitation or construction of individual, semidetached, row, walk-up, or elevator type structures with 5 plus units.

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